1.5 Gallons to Liters

Welcome to Niceconvert. This is a converter for calculating gallons to liters and other volume units.

We often see the volume of food packaging or containers in our daily life. Many times we need to convert them into units we understand but don’t know where to start. Niceconvert is a good helper for calculating gallons to liters. Here we detail 1.5 gallon to liter. Of course, if you want to know other values in gallons to liters, please use our calculator.

1 gallon has 3.785411784 liters. So the formula to convert gallons to liters is as follows:

Gallons x 3.785411784 = Liters

How to Convert 1.5 Gallons to Liters?

1.5 gallon to liter = 1.5 gallon x 3.785411784 = 5.678117676 liters

This is the result of 1.5 gal to liters.

When we enter 1.5 into the calculator, we also get the answer of 1.5 gallons to litres.


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Popular Gallon to Liter Conversion

1.5 gallons to liters5.678117676
2 gallons in liters7.570823568
2.5 gallon to liter9.46352946
3 gallon to liter11.356235352
4 gallon to liter15.141647136
5 gallons to liters18.92705892
10 gallons in liters37.85411784
12 gallons in liters45.424941408
13 gallons in liters49.210353192
300gallon to liter1135.6235352

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